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SINCE 1945

Alan Montgomery - Owner Woodallen Photography

Alan has been a professional photographer for 49 years and is a fourth generation photographer.  Alan grew up in the business working summers for his maternal grandfather, Alan “Woody” Woodallen.  Mr. Woodallen started the business in 1946 as Woodallen Industrial Photography. In the late 60s “Industrial” was dropped to reflect the expanded nature of the business.  Alan came to work at the studio in 1967 and worked continuously except when he served in the US Army. After Alan’s tour of duty in SE Asia, he returned to work at the studio. In 1972, when Mr. Woodallen died unexpectedly, Alan began operating the business for the family. Alan purchased the business in 1974 from his grandmother. He and with his wife, Jane, have run the business ever since. ”Photography is my vocation and my avocation. I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life,” says Alan. 

Norman "Nick" Quinn

Nick has been in photography since the 6th grade so that puts him at 54 years in photography.  Nick moved to Houston and came to work with Alan at Woodallen in 1982.  Nick immediately took on the task of moving Woodallen into the digital age for business record keeping.  He fell in love with Photoshop with its first release and has been a total Photoshop junkie ever since.  Nick teaches Photoshop for photographers on a regular basis in the Houston area.  As a photographer he is able to think through the photography to the final image so that post production goes smoothly.​​