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SINCE 1945

Workshop leader Alan Montgomery is a fourth generation photographer with 49 years experience in the commercial photography industry and the owner of Woodallen Photography. Alan grew-up in the business and enjoys teaching and seeing the “light come on in peoples’ eyes” after working on an image in the field or at the computer.

Mike Marvins is also a fourth generation photographer in the world of portrait photography.  Mike has been an international speaker to professional photography groups for years before his retirement. He now concentrates on Texas landscape photography as well as his several books of photography on the Texas Hill Country, Big Bend and the story of Leddy Boots. Mike is one of those people that can look at a scene and draw a beautiful image from what others see as nothing.

Norman “Nick” Quinn has been a professional photographer for 34 years.  When Photoshop was first introduced Nick jumped on the program with both feet. He developed his own method of teaching Photoshop.  Nick teaches the program tool by tool.  “If you know your tools you can then select the best tool to do the job at hand”.  Nick uses this everyday himself and teaches it to people that are just starting out and those that have been at it for some time.