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SINCE 1945

Woodallen Workshops

Woodallen Workshops is an outgrowth of Alan Montgomery’s desire to give back to others that love photography as he does and have a desire to grow their knowledge.

What to expect in a Woodallen Workshop

We cannot turn you into a GREAT photographer in one workshop but we can and will help you create better images and have more fun doing it.  We want to help you see the final product in your “mind’s eye” before you ever pick up your camera to make an exposure. “Look before you shoot” and see the image unfold. We limit the number of students so that each person has time to work with each instructor. The way to make a photograph is not cast in stone.  It is a fluid event for each photographer and we strive to help you see your way.  This is not engineering where there is only one correct way.  We help you do what it takes to get the image you see. 

Best Equipment for Workshops

The equipment you bring is totally up to you. Most people use DSLRs but some people have used Point & Shoots and even their cell phones. We do not know every camera but we can help you figure out your tool.  We recommend that you have your instruction manual with you at all times.  We do!  We also  recommend a good tripod that will hold your camera steady in a wind for night images.  Bring all you want but be able to carry it.  Some use different lenses for different looks and others use one lens and do quite well. This is a great opportunity to use all of your tools.

Normal Schedule

Our normal schedule is to take advantage of all the beautiful light given to us during a workshop.  We will be up for sunrise if we think there will be a good one and we return to the hotel when possible during the bright light of the day to work on the images.  We return to the field in early afternoon to catch the evening light and sunset if it happens.  After the sunset we return to the hotel for dinner and a bit of relaxation before returning to the classroom for a critique of the day’s images.

If the stars offer themselves we will skip the critique and head for the field.  The next morning we sleep in unless it we feel sunrise will be extraordinary, spend time on our images in the classroom and be ready for the evening light.

Meals are something we need to keep our body and brain going. Many of our locations are remote and our meal choices are limited. We may have a snack some mornings and at lunch if we are out in a perfect setting.  We will then have a nice dinner to make up for it. You are responsible for your own dietary requirements/restrictions. Meals and/or snacks are not included in your workshop fee.


The facilities we select for the headquarters is one we feel gives us a good value (group rate) and has the conveniences we need to have a successful workshop.  We spend little time awake in our rooms. Things like early breakfast in the mornings when possible and a nice classroom to work in with our computers is all part of the group rate.

Transportation and Meals

You are responsible for getting to and from the workshop locations and the hotel as well as to the field.  We strive to carpool while in the field to minimize our impact on the area and increase the ability to keep the group together. Participants are responsible for all their meals and transportation during the workshop.