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Palo Duro Canyon Photography Workshop


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Palo Duro Canyon Photography Workshop

September 24 - 27, 2015
Join Mike Marvins, Nick Quinn and Alan Montgomery
photographing fall color in the Texas Hill Country,

Woodallen Workshops will be heading to beautiful Palo Duro Canyon for a photographic adventure. Alan Montgomery, Mike Marvins and Nick Quinn (our Photoshop guru) will be working with you to create the most beautiful images you have ever made in Palo Duro Canyon. September 24-27, 2015 should be the perfect time for fall in the canyon. We will gather together on Thursday evening for a photo show and discussion of the schedule and what to expect each day. We will spend as much time in the field as possible but still allow time for working on your images each day before an evening critique.

We will photograph sunset, stars, sunrises and the "golden hours" to help you create your own beautiful images. The canyon is one of those places where you can use every lens you own or stay with your normal set-up and create wonderful images. The workshop is $700 for the photography portion. Each student is responsible for hotel, food and transportation. We will make arrangements for a group rate at the motel and share the cost of rental cars/vans. This workshop is limited to 12 people.

The area is a bit rugged so the ability to walk on rough ground and rocks is a factor to consider for your personal safety and enjoyment. Start exercising today to increase your agility and ability.

A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot. Refunds will be made until August 1, 2015. A minimum of 8 people are required to facilitate this trip.

Contact Alan Montgomery at alan@woodallen.com or 713-526-1747 to reserve your spot.

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2015 Jackson Hole, WY Photography Workshop
































Jackson Hole Workshop

October 8 - 11, 2015
Presented by Nick Quinn, Henry Holdsworth and Alan Montgomery

Our head quarters will be the Lexington Hotel and Suites in the city of Jackson, WY.  Jackson is a beautiful small town sandwiched in between the Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge. The wildlife is everywhere you look if you have the eye to spot them.  We have photographed wild ducks in the middle of town and driven a mile and photographed Elk and Big Horn Sheep.  I was sitting in the van when a fox came so close that I thought he was going to get in the van with me.  I have walked to within sixty feet of a moose feeding to get the photograph.

The weather is always changing so we dress in layers and take a bit more than we really need to be sure we are safe.  I wear tall boots to keep out the snow and protect my lower legs from thorns and sticks. Long johns are always good as is a sun hat and a warm hat as the weather changes. Long sleeve shirts and sweaters always feel good and are easy to pop off as it warms during the day.  With layering you can adjust your clothes to meet the immediate needs. 

The altitude is 6311ft above sea level in town and we go up from there.  We seldom get in a hurry but there is walking and then there is walking in the rough scrub. With or without snow on the ground, this can be tough.  Good comfortable boots that support your ankles is really important in my mind.  So are wool and/or Smart Wool socks.  A light glove that has a hole for your exposure trigger finger would be nice as well.

What equipment do I need?  This is the big question for most of us.  I want to use what I have and have what I need but it gets heavy carrying all that stuff.  Lucky for all of us, before we head out from the vans we will suggest what lens or lenses you may need so you do not need to carry everything you bring every time.  This saves peoples bodies and the brain works better when the body is not in pain. A good backpack can save you also. I strongly suggest you have a tripod that can easily handle your longest/heaviest lens and a walking stick. I use a heavy duty Gitzo Carbon fiber tripod and aluminum head. Bring what you have as long as it can handle your equipment.  I will have lenses from 12mm to 500 mm and everything in between with me.  I will also have enough memory cards to last the entire workshop.  That being said, I do recommend you download  each day and then back them up a second  time before you format your cards.

We will be using the entire valley and the park for our workshop depending on where the animals are each day and what the weather is doing as well.  Nothing is cast in stone when dealing with Mother Nature.  We will be in places you have heard about and places you did not know existed but this time you will have a teacher,  the right mindset , knowledge and equipment  to capture the scene with your camera. 

Jackson is famous for its food and we will be there just before the skiing starts so the “Peak Season” pricing should still be off.  We will not spend a lot of time eating as we can do that anywhere but we will not go hungry either.  We will all take snacks to the field so we can keep going around lunch time.  Breakfast can be whatever you like as long as you are in the van on time. As those that have been with me before on workshops know  we leave on time because I do not penalize those that are on time by waiting for those that are late.

Please call or email with any questions you may have and I will answer every time.  I always tell the workshop attendees  ”The only silly question is the one you have and did not ask”  If you do not know the answer then there are others in the group that do not know either and are afraid to ask.

My job as the workshop leader is to help you and the group grow in your photographic  knowledge and your ability to see the image before you ever make an exposure.  In our world there are few absolutes but many opinions.  What I teach is my opinion and knowledge based on 48 years in the business of photography. That being said I learn something from each person in every workshop and I do my best to both use it and share it with everyone.



2015 Texas Fall Color Workshop



Texas Fall Color Workshop

November 19-22, 2015
Presented by Mike Marvins, Nick Quinn and Alan Montgomery

Join Mike Marvins, Nick Quinn and Alan Montgomery photographing fall color in the Texas Hill Country, Nov 19 to 22, 2015.

We will gather in Kerville, TX on the evening of Nov 19, for dinner together to meet and discuss the workshop activities. Friday morning we will be at Lost Maples before sunrise spending the day there and in the area. Saturday will be a surprise depending on the weather but another day of photograhy. Sunday will find us on private land along the banks of the Guadalupe River among the giant cypress trees and crystal clear running water. You will have time to work on your images each day with "Mr. Photoshop", Nick Quinn.

Each evening after a group dinner we will critique the days images so that we all learn together.

Please contact Alan at 713-526-1747 or alan@woodallen.com to reserve your spot The cost of this workshop is $350 plus hotel, food and park entrance fees. We go rain or shine and deal with what ever mother nature sends our way.




2016 Big Bend Photography Workshop
January 17 to 22, 2016
(More Information Coming Soon)


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2016 Big Bend Photography Workshop

January 17 - 22, 2016
Presented by Mike Marvins and Alan Montgomery

An exciting WEEK LONG workshop in Texas' Big Bend. Even if you have been to Big Bend or on one of our previous workshops, we will take you to special places on private land and in Big Bend National Park.The days will be filled with photography field trips, Photoshop help, image critiques as well as practical knowledge and just plain fun. Unlike some hi profile workshops we keep our groups small and do not leave you to “assistants'. All types of cameras are welcome from cell phones, point and shoots, high end DSLR’s.

Mike and Alan are both fourth generation photographers and have been making our living in photography for over 40 years. We will bring not only our experience to the workshop but will help you “see the image” before you make the photograph and then guide you in the technical aspects of capturing what you see. We show you how to realize your own photographic vision. We will be in the field early for sunrise and the beautiful morning light. We go out again in the afternoon to capture the light of the high desert and wait for those spectacular desert sunsets. We will be painting with light at night and doing star photographs during the week as well. We will also have Nick Quinn, a true master in Photoshop, as our Photoshop guide to help each person get the most from their images and to help with your personal growth in Photoshop techniques. Every evening we will project your favorite images of the day for helpful hints and critique.

Alan & Jane Montgomery

Woodallen Workshops is not responsible for accidents and injuries during the workshop. Each participant will make their own lodging reservations. We have blocked rooms in Terlingua/Study Butte for special low rates.

There is WiFi and cell phone access. The weather will be in the range of 30 at night to 70 degrees during the day..very low humidity and the skies are cobalt blue.
When deposits are paid we will send you information on travel, ride sharing, camera gear, and much more.

Please contact Alan at 713-526-1747 or alan@woodallen.com for questions and to register. See woodallen.com and click on WORKSHOPS for more info and lots of pictures.



Student Accolades

Student Accolades

“My first time to Big Bend and what a great experience in photography! Great people, great accommodations, super learning and not to forget FANTASTIC food!”
Norm Q

“Alan and Mike's Big Bend Workshop is great--incredible scenery, expert photography and Photoshop instruction, comfortable accommodations, delicious and hearty ranch food, and the excellent company of fellow photographers. It's just plain fun, and you will grow as a photographer. Very highly recommended.”
Stan B

"Bette & I really enjoyed the workshop, especially reviewing the images and working with you, Mike and Norman. I learned that there are many ways to view an image, how to better crop, and bring out highlights. Also, going to different places and watching others make photographs is a great learning experience. It is amazing what others saw as photographs in the same place that I saw something totally different. The bunkhouse was an excellent place to stay, because everyone was together and food was excellent."
John D

"Why wouldn't you take advantage of these photography experts who know the best places to be for the best light in the best seasons. Unless you have unlimited time and funds and want to stumble around these huge remote areas yourself and pray for decent photographic experiences - go with these pros - your wallet and your portfolio will thank you."
Tony R

"My fondest way to travel in any location is to do so with a native of the area. Going to Big Bend with Alan and Mike was that type of experience. In a few short days we were able to visit locations that one would only find after years of exploration… if at all. This trip, with two consummate professionals, is well worth whatever it takes for you to make it work with your schedule."
Bill B

A most delightful trip with challenging photo sites, excellent instruction and good company. Being in the presence of these professionals on a daily basis moves one to a greater depth as revealed in our photos. This is an ideal trip where different techniques allow creativity to flow. Our photography moved to a different level.
Saundra S


About the Photographers

Alan Montgomery
Alan has been a full time photographer for 48 years working in the commercial/industrial field.  Alan is a fourth generation photographer and purchased the family business from his grandmother, Ms. Woodallen, in 1973 and has grown the business since then.  Alan did not fall in love with photography until the last twenty years.  Before that it was a business and the business was making photographs that helped the clients grow their business. When the love affair started he totally changed the way he looks at things and now tries to use more of the artist eye for his personal work than the engineering eye that is necessary in the commercial/industrial world. Alan realized a long time ago that there are better photographers than him in the world and he needed to listen and learn all he could from them.  He now feels it is his job to pass this knowledge onto others and help them grow in their love and ability in photography. 

Nick Quinn
Nick has been in photography since the 6th grade so that puts him at  ?? years in photography.  Nick moved to Houston and came to work with Alan at Woodallen in 1982.  Nick immediately took on the task of moving Woodallen into the digital age for business record keeping.  He fell in love with Photoshop with its first release and has been a total Photoshop junkie ever since.  Nick teaches Photoshop for photographers on a regular basis in the Houston area.  He is also a good photographer and is able to think through the photography to the final image so that post production goes smoothly.  Nick will be with us every step and will help you one on one with your images in Photoshop and in the field.

Henry Holdsworth
Henry is another full time photographer that supports his family in Jackson with his gallery sales and his teaching.  Henry is a very personable man that is ready to share his knowledge anytime. Alan went out with Henry on a one day photography expedition and was so impressed that he has included him in this workshop to be the local expert.  Henry is strong (does not breath hard when walking in the field like the flatlanders do), knowledgeable of the area and an excellent photographer.  You will enjoy his eye and help during the workshop.

We are going to have a GREAT TIME, make beautiful images and learn more about ourselves and our vision captured in your camera.

I hope that you will join us on this adventure.

Alan, Nick and Henry

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